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Northwest / Southwest

Photo: Ethan Aumack

The Northwest/Southwest Program focuses on three priority regions within Western North America, from the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest through the Great Basin and into the Sierra Madre Occidental in Northwest Mexico.

Throughout the program area, we look for opportunities to protect and connect important wildlife habitat. The Northwest/Southwest Program also supports select policy, research, and capacity building projects that complement our geographic priorities. We support efforts that enhance collaboration among diverse stakeholders, provide policy-informed conservation science research, and build active constituencies for wildlife conservation.

The priority regions for the Northwest/Southwest Program are:
•  Cascadia
•  Great Basin
•  Southwest Crescent

For more information about these regions, please see our Priority Region Map.

Staff Contact:

Denise Joines 
Program Officer
206.632.2325 x104


Yolanda Morris
Program Associate
206.632.2325 x106


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