Photo: BLM/Bob Wick

Conservation Law & policy

Our success at protecting Western North America’s wildlands and wildlife depends on strong conservation laws and policies and an engaged citizenry that values and advocates for public lands.

Wilburforce Foundation’s Conservation Law and Policy Program provides support for projects that protect the integrity and application of U.S. laws and policies that are essential to wildlands and wildlife protection, such as the Endangered Species Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and the Antiquities Act. We also invest in voter education and help the conservation community strengthen its ability to build an informed, active constituency for conservation policies that safeguard species and habitat.

A priority for the Conservation Law and Policy Program is to leverage goals and knowledge across the Foundation. Where possible, this program makes investments that connect to the strategies and partners of our conservation science, capacity building, and geographically-focused programs.

Staff Contact:

Wendy Vanasselt
Program Officer
206.632.2325 x105

Carol Orr
Program Associate
206.632.2325 x112


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