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Alaska / British Columbia

Photo: Tim Greyhavens

The Alaska and British Columbia Program focuses on five priority regions within Wilburforce Foundation’s farthest northern and western landscapes, from the Arctic to the plateaus and mountains of the Chilcotin in south-central British Columbia.

Where the Alaska and British Columbia Program’s borders meet the Yellowstone to Yukon Program, we look for opportunities to connect important habitat, protected areas, and wildlife corridors. The Alaska and British Columbia Program also supports select policy, research, and capacity building projects that complement our geographic priorities. These range from grants for cutting edge engagement organizing in Canada and Alaska to strategic conservation communications campaigns. The priority regions for the Alaska/British Columbia Program are: •  Arctic •  BC Central Interior •  Great Bear Rainforest •  Tongass •  Transboundary Watersheds For more information about these regions, please see our Priority Region Map.

Staff Contact:

Wendy Vanasselt Program Officer 206.632.2325 x105

Carol Orr Program Associate 206.632.2325 x112

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